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Restaurant Reviews

Live and dine in style with the guidance of the GTspirit Restaurant Reviews. We travel the world and report back on the most exotic and exclusive dining venues around the globe. Have a suggestion for our editorial team or like to submit a luxury restaurant review of your own? Contact us!

Special Report: Living The Michelin Lifestyle

The movie industry has the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. Music has the Grammy and MTV VMAs. Food has Michelin. Anyone involved in any...

Cliff Restaurant Falisia Resort Review

On our latest cuisine adventure we headed to the Gulf of Trieste in Northern Italy, on the border with Slovenia. We are welcomed by...

Lanes of London Review

Think Park Lane and your mind with conjure images of The Dorchester Hotel, the long tree lined road hugging the perimeter of one of...

Le Lobby at The Peninsula Hotel Paris Review

I would be telling mistruths if I said every restaurant review I conducted was not susceptible to being contaminated by the exposure to the...

Inn The Park by Peyton and Byrne Review

This is a bit of an odd one. Let's start with a little context - for a number of years Peyton and Byrne has...

Gallery Mess at The Saatchi Gallery Review

London is known for its diversity, culture and landmarks that make the city one of the most desirable to live in anywhere in the...

Columbia Docklands Review

In the past few months we have been fortunate enough to dine at some of the most well recognised and critically acclaimed restaurants in...

BOUNCE Shoreditch Review

London is a city of such diversity, so many cultures, different sights, smells and people. It is a city that is characterized not by...

The Fenchurch Seafood Bar and Grill Review

London is a city that is packed with history, it oozes charm, character and charisma, but is constantly changing to suit the needs of...

Amaranto Four Seasons Park Lane Review

In a city with thousands of restaurants, more than 65 of which are brandished with Michelin Stars, choosing a venue to treat yourself is...